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英语北京pk10首页> Why choose our Essay and Dissertation Writing service
The primary goal of our company is to increase the number of regular clients – the key to success in any honest business. Many other custom writing services seek to obtain high profits in the short term. The approach used by such companies is rather simple:

* aggressive advertising:
* unreasonably high prices:
* lack of proper 24/7 customer support service

北京pk10 When these three elements join together, the rest is easily predicted: no one will take care of turning you, a first-time client, into a regular customer. Our company cannot afford going this way, and our approach is different:

* realistic advertisement: to avoid a situation when the number of customers exceeds capabilities of our writers, which as a result lowers the quality of the service;
* reasonable prices: we do not claim them to be the lowest/highest possible, but we do claim them to adequately match the high quality of services offered by our company;
* 24/7 customer support service: to ensure each and every query raised by our clients is properly resolved;
* a team of qualified writers.

51lunwen.org Features Other Writing Companies
51lunwen.org allows its customers to make payment via any of the following methods:
  • Any Major Credit Card (VISA, MasterCARD, Diners, AMEX)
  • SWITCH or SOLO debit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer
Flexibility in Paying for your Order Do not support most of the payment methods and only accept credit cards.
Quality Customer Care is a number one priority for 51lunwen.org 24/7 support via Telephone, Live Chat and Email is always there to make sure that any of your inquiries are resolved and all of your questions are answered promptly. Superb Customer Care Do not care about customers. Even if it is written on their website that the support is provided, this doesnt guarantee that it actually exists.
At 51lunwen.org we believe that customers deserve to receive exactly what they ordered, on the specified time provided, plagiarism free and of the highest possible quality. We do not make any false promises and always keep to our guarantees. We do not guarantee unbelievable amounts to our customers; we simply keep to our promise. No False Promises Offer up to ?,000 to customers, which are never provided. Do not keep to their word, which is advertised at their websites.
51lunwen.org has one of the toughest selection criteria for writers. In addition to multiple tests and quality checks, we make sure that the writers actually hold a degree in the listed field, are residents of the United Kingdom, and make sure that they maintain professional work attitude, while working with customers. Professional Team of Experts Hire writers without any qualifications and do not have a selection process. Hire mostly foreigners from 3rd world countries such as India, Pakistan, and Philippines.
51lunwen.org assures that the established prices perfectly match with the quality of the services and products provided. Every customer ascertains there are no hidden charges but discount programs and bonuses of charge-free references, title page and appendixes taken place. Reasonable Pricing Unreasonably high prices are out of tune with quality of the products.
By following strict quality standards we strain every nerve to exceed customer satisfaction levels. By means of the efforts taken we gain hundreds of returning clients from various backgrounds and at different academic levels. Regular Customers Others think of quantity of orders placed but not about the quality services that can gain the base of returning clients.
Clients of 51lunwen.org have the right to receive the order in parts or rough drafts. Such measures expedite the perceiving ` the end product. Chapter by Chapter Delivery Absence of chapter by chapter delivery option ends up with providing pig in a poke.

Therefore, our primary objective is to ensure a high-quality service which presupposes the perspective and pays back in the long run both to our company and our greatly valued customers.

We have 300 professional writers who come from a wide range of backgrounds, from education to economics, from business to biology, from information technology to creative writing. Our unique system of task distribution ensures that your paper will end up in the hands of a writer with all the skills needed to create a proper document according to the needs specified by you.

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